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Thanos Kyriakides

1971 Born in Athens, Greece

Lives and works in Athens


1998 History of Art, Athens College

Solo Exhibitions


The End. After Before, Bios Basement, Athens


In Trance, Museum der Bildenden Künste, Leipzig


Holy Glory, The Breeder, Athens


Symbols & Scribbles, Galerie 104 Kleber, Paris


The Breeder, Athens

This Must Be the Place, Kunsthalle Athena


Suzi tros project space, Athens


Metal Flaque concept store, Paris


C-Lagence art space, Paris


Rebel studio, Athens

Group Exhibitions


The Poetry of Memory, Contemporary Art Museum of Crete, curated by Eleftherios Oikonomou

Dielefseis (Crossings), Contemporary Art Museum of Crete, curated by Maria Marangou


Under the spell of Greek costume, Costa Navarino, Messinia, curated by Paul Thanopoulos

Macho Alfa, Material Art Fair, Chez Mohamed booth B10, Mexico city


Woven, Slowtrack Gallery, Madrid, curated by Angela Koulakoglou

Scarecrows, Domaine Sigalas, Santorini

Vetements, Xavierlaboulbenne, Berlin


Narcissus Now: The Myth Reimagined, Onassis Cultural Center, New York


In Absentia, Galerie Coullaud & Koulinsky, Paris, curated by Lydia Kamitsis


Violence(?), Caid centre, Athens, curated by Maria Marangou

Frieze London, Regent’s Park, London

Lustlands, Thermissia Argolidas, Peloponnese, curated by Nadja Argyropoulou and Lakis & Aris Ionas/The Callas

Gravity is a mistake, Mare Gallery, Crete, curated by Sofia Mavroudis

Hell As Pavilion, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, curated by Nadia Argyropoulou


Beyond Dress Codes, Byron Museum, Cyprus, curated by Lydia Kamitsis

Rooms 2012, St George Lycabettus Hotel, Athens, curated by Alexios Papazaharias

Rooms 2012 Plus +, Kappatos Gallery, Athens, curated by Alexios Papazaharias


The New Disorder, Ileana Tounta Gallery, Athens, curated by Michael Bevilacqua and Katerina Nikou

Les Sapins de Noel des Createurs, Hotel Salomon de Rothschild, Paris

Dissipatio HG, L'Uomo e un Abisso, Chiostro di Voltorre, Varese, Italy

The Art of This Century, Museum Alex Mylona - Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, curated by Dimitris Antonitsis

Participates with films “Ghond” and “Le Diner Surrealiste” at the ASVOFF (A Shaded View On Fashion Film) festival at Centre Pompidou, Paris


Les Sapins de Noel des Createurs, organised by the Carla Bruni - Sarkozy foundation Espace Vendome, Paris

Beyond Dress Codes, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, curated by Lydia Kamitsis

Beyond Dress Codes, Hellenic American Union, Athens, curated by Lydia Kamitsis

Chagallesque, Hydra School Projects, Hydra, curated by Dimitris Antonitsis

Creates the short film “Ghond” for the Guggenheim Museum video art competition

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