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Maria Tzanakou, What Remains, 2012 , ephemeral text - sculpture, Courtesy of the artist, Photo by Stathis Mamalakis.

Following the solo presentations of established and upcoming artists, Kunsthalle Athena presents this summer Katerina Kana, Thanos Kyriakides (BLIND ADAM) and Petros Touloudis. Three artists, who insist on living and working in Athens at this difficult time, meet up in Kunsthalle Athena on a peculiar co-existence that investigates the dynamic of the artistic spirit and production under all kind of severe economic and existential circumstances. Kunsthalle Athena chooses to focus once more on Greek artists. This time though, they decided to have a non-specific theme for their main show, since everyday life has become so hectic, that it cannot be expressed yet by verbal terms and meanings. The opening night, after visiting the 'institutionalized' ART ATHINA, where Kunsthalle's artistic director Marina Fokidis curated the parallel group show 'OPEN FORM' featuring distinguished international galleries, we all headed downtown to celebrate once again. Only this time the public's encounter with contemporary art was to be witnessed on a direct, emotionally charged, overwealming informal basis.

Video: Interview Thanos Kyriakides - This must be the place @ Kunsthalle Athena

Thanos Kyriakides (BLIND ADAM) intertwines by hand woollen threads into a structure made of multiple knots. His work, resembling at times sculptures, skeletons or even ghosts, is arranged in a composition that recalls concepts such as Spirituality and Memory.

Thanos Kyriakides, Beyond Time Lines (Napoleon Jacket), 2010, hand knotted acrylic wool yarn (35 x 95 cm) & Beyond Time Lines (Column Sketches) 2013, hand knotted acrylic wool yarn, dimensions variable, from the project Blind Adam, Courtesy of The Breeder gallery, Athens, Photo by Stathis Mamalakis.