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08 September 2013 ... 26 October 2013 | The Breeder > Pl. Omonoias - Metaksourgeio

The Breeder is pleased to present Blind Adam whose site specific installation will take up the gallery’s ground and basement floors.

Blind Adam creates an innovative universe with black acrylic wool, woven in successive nubs that create very long yarns.

This process began mechanically in 2007 and up till today it has evolved in a contemporary artistic practice with wall artworks, sculptures and installations.

Blind Adam suffers from retinitis pigmentosa, a genetic disease that limits the visual field and leads to loss of sight. His artworks in canvas are presented in the gallery basement and are related to the Braille reading system. Every black knot represents a letter or word within an abstract succession of sentences on a white canvas, and makes each creation an expression of a personal primitive form of manuscript.

The “Meeting Safety” installation is floating in the center of the room, with black, long yarns creating an imposing mass and remind of either o floating net or a flying demon.

The gallery basement is transformed into an ancient temple with 24 Corinthian columns. Each one, is delicately designed with black wool in order to stress out the absence of volume. Having the white color of the gallery as a background, the columns remind us designs of black ink, drawn on paper, so that they live up and fight for their three-dimensional existence.

Opening: Sunday, September 8 2013 from 12.00 to 21.00.