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This Must Be The Place @ Kunsthalle Athena

On 16/05 , ΟΖΟΝ was present @ Kunsthalle Athena where the artists of the exhibition “This Must Be the Place” try to portray the everyday reality of the city of Athens. Working between the boundaries of space, sound and video artists are trying to play with the past, present and future through objects that reflect real and imaginary components.

The exhibition includes three individual presentations by the artists Katerina Kana, Thanos Kyriakides (BLIND ADAM) and PetrosTouloudis.

Credits to the curatorial team of Kunsthalle Athena for organizing the event:
Apostolis Vasilopoulos, Eleanna Papathanasiadi, Jorgina Stamogianni, Marina Fokidis, Michelangelo Corsaro
Assistant: Maria Passarivaki
Duration: May 9 – August 2nd, 2013
Hours: Wednesday– Thursday, 18:30 to 22:00 (During May the exhibition is open on Friday as well)