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This Must Be the Place

Following the solo presentations of established and upcoming artists, Kunsthalle Athena presents this summer Katerina Kana, Thanos Kyriakides (BLIND ADAM) and Petros Touloudis in an exhibition under the title "This Must Be the Place." Three artists, who insist on living and working in Athens at this difficult time, meet up in Kunsthalle Athena on a peculiar co-existence that investigates the dynamic of the artistic spirit and production under all kind of severe economic and existential circumstances.
Kunsthalle Athena chooses to focus once more on Greek artists, this time though, having a non-specific theme for the main show, since everyday life has become so hectic, that it cannot be expressed yet by verbal terms and meanings.

The artists who present their work in "This Must Be the Place" are working on the verge of form and image. They seem to have a prismatic comprehension of reality and thus create a body of work that is less a documentation than a subjective gesture or a bold sketch of life, in this given moment.
Escaping the square logic of stereotypes, the photographic collages of Katerina Kana move in the interstice of different ideologies and emerge as discreetly iconoclastic. Common spaces, like beaches or urban surfaces, are subjected to an unprecedented view. Through a fragmentary viewpoint, Katerina Kana gives room for a vivid conceptual twist.

Thanos Kyriakides (BLIND ADAM) intertwines by hand woollen threads into a structure made of multiple knots. His work, resembling at times sculptures, skeletons or even ghosts, is arranged in a composition that recalls concepts such as Spirituality and Memory.
The sober drama revealed by Petros Touloudis's sui generis installations and constructions matches the subtle self-irony reflected by his videos. An intensive investigation of the connections between different artistic mediums gives his work an attribute of poetic gesture and political reflection on place and historicity.

Works by Sotiris Bakagiannis, Angelo Plessas, Socratis Socratous and Maria Tzanakou accompany the exhibition. Meanwhile, the parallel programme will consist of a series of events entitled Political Speeches, a series of artistic performances based on propaganda tradition, which will intend to create a public conversation and interaction with the audience.