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“Since Plato it has been argued that ‘madness’ is twinned with creative genius, that the agonies we now understand as depression and the turbulence we now recognize as mania are part of a Faustian bargain with inspiration”. Deborah Stone was right! The thing is… it’s difficult enough to live with it. Why do we need to see it, repeatedly, door after door, and gallery to gallery…more or less. Maybe, I just had a creepy summer. But then, today while waiting for coffee, I just overhead 2 girls discussing about ReMap 4.“All that depression… Why?”. I am just quoting here. ..."Now I can't see that crisis any longer means a climax… Since our lives, both by nature and by the newspapers are so full of crises that one is no longer aware of it, then it is clear that life (and death) goes on regardless…".—Merce Cunningham.

If only I could say the same about art…

ReMap 4, takes place from the 8th to the 30th of September in the historical Kerameikos-Metaxourgeio area in the Athens City center, and transforms the area into a unique meeting point for contemporary art. There were, of course, some brilliant artworks!

SHOW: Blind Adam, Artist: Thanos Kyriakides

“Melting Safety” a monumental sculpture is hanging in the center of the space. Part safety net, part floating demon the long threads of knotted yarn that constitute the work come together in an imposing black mass. Black wool yarn Blind Adam creates a hand knotted universe of thread. A method that begun mechanically in 2007, has now evolved into a coherent art practice, which incorporates wall based works, sculptures and installations, presented for the first time as a solo exhibition. The gallery’s basement floor is transformed into an ancient temple consisting of twenty-four Doric columns. Each one of them an ethereal elegant structure of black yarn, like monuments of transcendental meditation or rather the ghostly exoskeletons of columns, they highlight the absence of volume. They are the impressions of columns, drawn from the artist’s memory. Against the gallery’s white walls, the sculptures resemble drawings with black pen on paper that have come to life to claim a three-dimensional existence.